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The Schnoodle (also known as the Schnauzerdoodle) is a hybrid dog, which was developed by crossing the Schnauzer with a Poodle. This is one of the most popular designer dogs. But, Schnoodles are not yet recognized by any major kennel club.

Height: 10-16 inches  Weight: 10-60 pounds  Lifespan: 10-15 years


The Schnoodle is usually well-built, stocky, strong and quite athletic. This dog breed is intelligent, bold and full of energy.


Schnoodles are affectionate, loving and faithful dogs. They get along well with teenagers and small children within the family. Also, the Schnoodle does well with dogs and other pets, provided that they grew up in the same household. However, this dog breed tends to show great animosity toward unfamiliar dogs and children. Schnoodles cannot tolerate loneliness and boredom. Hence, if you leave your dog alone for a long time, it will bark loudly and destroy everything that surrounds it. The Schnoodle is suspicious of unfamiliar people and therefore makes a great guard.

Health Problems:

This breed is prone to various skin diseases, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), patellar luxation, cataracts, diabetes mellitus, ear infections, epilepsy and various cardiovascular diseases.

Coat / Care:

The Schnoodle’s coat can be either hard and rough, or soft and curly, and sometimes a combination of these characteristics. When it comes to coloration, the coat can be gray, silver, white, apricot, brown, black, black and white, black and tan. This breed requires constant grooming in order to avoid the hair from forming tangles and mats. From time to time, Schnoodles need professional trimming. Bathe your dog only if really necessary. Particular attention should be paid to cleanliness of the dog’s ears.


The Schnoodle needs early socialization and the general course of obedience training. Since this dog can be very stubborn, it finds it difficult to follow the house rules concerning cleanliness. For this particular reason, it is better to use a special cage until the Schnoodle gets accustomed to obeying. Training should be consistent, strict but fair.


The Schnoodle is a very energetic dog, but he can bear living in a city apartment. However, Schnoodles must be exposed to regular physical and mental stimulation. This breed easily learns all kinds of tricks, and it enjoys long walks on a leash. Still, the Schnoodle prefers playing in a spacious, well-fenced yard.

Photo credit: Steve Rhode/Flickr

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