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The Shih-Poo (also known as the Shoodle) is a hybrid, which was created by crossing the Toy Poodle with a Shih Tzu. This is one of the most popular designer dogs.

Height: 8-13 inches  Weight: 8-18 pounds  Lifespan: 10-15 years


The Shih-Poo should be compact and well-built. This breed has a nice appearance and a lively character. Shih-Poos are wonderful family companions.


Shih-Poos are faithful, loving and gentle dogs. However, they are not recommended for families who have small children. The Shih-Poo gets along well with different dog breeds and other pets, provided that they know them from puppyhood. This breed does not tolerate loneliness or boredom, and if left neglected, it will bark incessantly and show hyperactivity. This dog is very sociable, but to strangers wary, and therefore is a good guard.

Health Problems:

Furthermore, he is prone to ear infections, intervertebral hernia, patellar luxation, diabetes, hypothyroidism, anemia, Von Willebrand’s disease, various heart diseases and epilepsy. This breed’s average lifespan is between 10 and 15 years.

Coat / Care:

The Shih-Poo’s coat can be straight or curly, or a combination both of these characteristics. This dog comes in a variety of colors, including black, white, cream, sable. This long and thick coat requires frequent brushing in order to prevent the hair from tangling. From time to time, Shih-Poos need professional grooming and trimming. Make sure to bathe your dog only if really necessary. However, this breed’s ears need to be cleaned every day or the infection may occur otherwise. Also, special attention should be paid to oral hygiene, because this breed is prone to early teeth loss. The Shih-Poo does not tolerate extreme temperatures.


Even though this is a generally bright dog, the Shih-Poo is quite stubborn. For this particular reason, Shih-Poos need early socialization and the general course of obedience. Training should be strict but fair since the Shih-Poo does not tolerate disrespect and rudeness. Hence, positive methods are a must for this breed proper development.


Shih-Poos are ideal pets for living in the apartment. Still, since this breed is very active, he needs plenty of toys to stay focused. The Shih-Poo loves playing with the family, and he enjoys walking on a leash with his owner. He requires minimum exercise to stay in shape.

Photo credit: allnightavenue/Flickr

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