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The Stabyhoun (also known as Staby) was developed in Friesland, the north-eastern region of the Netherlands. Stabyhouns are versatile dogs, which are designed for protection, hunting and hiking. This is a fairly rare breed, almost unknown outside its homeland. Today, there are only 3500 specimens of this breed.

Height: 19-21 inches  Weight: 40-55 lbs.  Lifespan: 13-14 years


The Stabyhoun is a well built, strong and hardy dog. Thanks to its intelligence and agility, this breed belongs to the famous British Sporting Group. Comparable Breeds: The Wetterhoun and Labrador Retriever.


The Stabyhoun is a faithful dog who gets along well with children and pets within the family. This breed is quite patient and friendly towards familiar people, but it treats strangers with great suspicion. Stabys was established to protect their family and territory, but they are not prone to excessive aggressiveness. This is an excellent family pet and a great companion for a hunt. The Stabyhoun is quite gentle and is becoming more and more popular in Europe and the United States.

Coat / Care:

The coat is long, smooth and dense. The hair shorter is shorter on the dog’s head, thighs and the back of the front legs. This breed sheds profusely twice a year. Therefore, the Stabyhoun requires constant combing during the shedding season, in order to prevent the hair from tangling. Make sure not to bathe your pet too often, since it can damage the protective properties of the hair.

Health Problems:

The Stabyhoun is generally fairly healthy dog breed, but like all breeds, they can be prone to hip dysplasia. The Stabyhoun has a life expectancy of 13 to 14 years.

Weight / Height:

The male Stabyhoun dog breed’s height is around 20 – 21 inches and weighs around 40 and 55 pounds. Female Stabyhoun dogs can reach a size from 19 – 20 inches and weighs between 40 and 55 pounds.


The Stabyhoun is smart and well trained. Training should be fair, firm and consistent. The Staby enjoys hunting, chasing a frisbee and playing with a ball.


The Stabyhoun is not suitable for living in an apartment. Hence, he requires a large, fenced yard, or even an entire farm. Stabys need a job to do and will be happy to graze sheep or hunt ducks with the owner.

Photo credit: MJ Klaver/Flickr

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