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Travelling with dogs

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Travelling with Dogs


The summer has begun and with it the family holiday and travel time. Many dog owners are gearing up now for the well-deserved break in the mountains or by the sea, at home or abroad. Hence, you should be aware that four-legged family members usually have special demands. On the following pages, you can find all the information that can be useful when you travel with your four-legged friend.

Should I bring my dog?

Even though pets should enjoy a family vacation, it is reasonable to consider how this will affect the quality of the planned getaway. Not every dog is suitable for travel and not every trip is suitable for a dog. Therefore, you should seriously consider the following when you plan your holiday: Travelling with Dogs

Can I leave my pet alone in the hotel room without it causing too much noise or damage to surrounding objects? At one point, you will have to leave your dog alone in the room, even if it is only for a short period of time. For instance, in most countries, it is forbidden to bring dogs in public spaces, including restaurants. This is crucial for your personal freedom of movement. At the end of the day, it should be joy and not a burden to take your pet on a vacation with you. Travelling with Dogs

Plan your activities in advance. If you want to spend a lot of time on the beach, learn if your dog likes to swim. Moreover, find a quiet area with calm water to see how your dog reacts. Needless to point out that the best activities are long walks in nature. In this way, the dog will be included in family activities. In other words, if you want to spend the holiday with the whole family, you should adapt your activities accordingly. Your pet will be very grateful! Travelling with Dogs

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Travel checklist: What should I pack?

Travelling with dogs


Drugs are the most important item that you can bring with you on the road. Hence, be sure to consult your veterinarian before departure. Obtain all medicines in sufficient quantity that your pet needs while you are away, including the necessary preparations fleas and ticks. Ultimately, it is mandatory that you vaccinate your pet before departure.


Certain precautions are extremely important for the welfare and health of your pet. Hence, with a valid vaccination record, you meet the entry requirements. Vaccination record must show: vaccination date, your pet’s date of birth, vaccination date, a date the vaccination is valid until, and the veterinarian’s signature. Before traveling, the dog should undergo a tapeworm treatment. Do not forget to arm yourself with a pack of dog waste bags. Travelling with Dogs

Transport box or bag:

The transport box is definitely a safe way for your pet to travel in. It is very important that you do not leave your dog unsecured in the back seat of the car, since it could fall and get injured seriously. If you choose to travel by plane, the transport box or bag are obligatory in any case, regardless of whether your dog travels with you in the cabin or in the baggage compartment. By all means, consult the airline in advance about transportation arrangements for pets. Travelling with Dogs


If your pet has a sensitive stomach, give it the usual food in order to avoid diarrhea or vomiting. Water is essential, especially because it can be rather hard to find on road stops, or it costs too much. For this reason, it is best to carry your water supply in order to always have it on disposal. Canned pumpkin and yogurt can help settle upset tummies.

Pet grooming product supplies:

Brushing, combing, bathing and nail care are very important if you want your pet to be well-groomed and healthy. Hence, grooming tools, including brush, comb, cloth, shampoo and nail clippers, are indispensable accessories when you go on vacation.

ID cards, vaccination cards and other documents:

Identification number (ID), vaccination cards and other documents are mandatory when travelling abroad. For instance, if you travel to another European country, check in advance which vaccinations your pet needs. Also, do not forget the current vaccination records. Keep in mind that every country has its own rules and regulations regarding the necessary documentation.

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