Cardigan Welsh Corgi

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Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Cardigan Welsh Corgi



The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is one of the oldest herding breeds and the oldest kind of Corgi, originated in Wales. Welsh Corgis were created for hunting and home security, and nowadays, they are extremely devoted family dogs.

Height: 10-13 inches  Weight: 25-38 pounds  Lifespan: 12-15 years


The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a small, hardy dog with long body and short legs. This breed has both physical and mental flexibility, strength, endurance and high-speed qualities. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is reliable, faithful and very affectionate. Comparable Breed: Australian Cattle Dog, Pembroke Welsh Corgi.


The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is extremely intelligent, wise and bold. This dog is infinitely loyal to his family and builds a strong bond with the owner. Cardigan Welsh Corgis do not like strangers, and they are extremely protective of their family and territory. This breed is perfect for families with teenagers who know how to behave around these animals. The Welsh Corgi gets along well with other pets but shows aggressiveness toward dogs of other breeds. This dog needs care and attention, it also needs to be controlled in the event of a collision with strangers, because attacking, Cardigan Welsh Corgi can hurt more to himself than his opponent.

Coat / Care:

The Cardigan is covered with a double coat. The outer coat is hard, straight and waterproof, while the undercoat is thick and soft. The hair is slightly longer on the neck, lower part of the tail, back and legs. Cardigans appear in a variety of colors, including red, brindle, sable, blue, merle and tan. The coat can be decorated with white spots. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi sheds once a year. Hence, this breed requires minimal grooming. It is enough to occasionally comb the coat with a hard brush. During shedding, grooming is more demanding. Bathe your dog only if necessary, using a mild shampoo. Cardigan Corgis are susceptible to glaucoma, cataracts, retinal atrophy and back problems.


The Cardigan Welsh Corgi needs early socialization. He is willing to please, therefore, makes the teaching process much easier. The Welsh Corgi Dog is smart and able to master any skill. Corgis can carry out the most demanding circus tricks and actively participate in search and rescue and psychological therapy.


This breed is very active and needs regular exercising. They enjoy walking on hard leash or in a fenced yard. If they exercise enough, Corgis can live in a city apartment.

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