Chinese Foo Dog

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Chinese Foo


Chinese Foo


This amazing dog is a Spitz-type dog, originally from China. The Chinese Foo Dog is so versatile that he can hunt, graze livestock, transport sleds and serve as a guard. No wonder this breed was used for guarding Buddhist temples. Hence, Chinese Foo Dogs are considered sacred in Buddhism. The Chinese Foo Dog is the mascot of the most secretive sects in the world, known as the Tang. Adherents of this society sincerely believe that the Foo brings them good luck.


Vigorous, hardy and bold, this breed resembles the lion in its appearance. The Chinese Foo Dog is strong and has a square, compactly-built body. Weight: Toy: 10-20; Miniature: 21-50; Standard: 51 and more lbs. Height: Toy: 10; Miniature: 10-15; Standard: 15-18 inches. Lifespan: 10-12 years.


The Chinese Foo Dog is not suitable for passive people neither for dog breeders with lack of experience. This dog breed is friendly, loyal, courageous and obedient. But in spite of his gentle character, the Foo is truly suspicious of strangers; and although not too large, this dog is always ready to defend his family and territory. This dog breeds is completely focused on their family and seek to maximize communication with the man. This dog breed is amazing with children and other pets, especially if they grew up together.

Coat / Care:

The Chinese Foo Dog has a double-layered coat which is very warm, protecting the dog from bad weather. The outer layer is thick, hard, dense and straight. Beneath it lies a soft and dense undercoat. The Chinese Foo Dog requires frequent cleaning with a stiff brush. If necessary, you can bathe your dog by using a mild shampoo. There is no specific data about health concerns.


The Chinese Foo Dog is a smart and clever dog that learns very quickly. Be sure to carry out early socialization and obedience training. The fact that this is quite a dominant breed, teaching process can be a challenge. Rough or oppressive methods in dealing with this dog breed are ineffective. On the contrary, education should be based on respect, firmness, fairness and consistency.


The Chinese Foo Dog is a very versatile breed that can adapt to almost any environment, that is, if you provide enough physical exercises and mental stimulation. Hence, you can keep your Foo in an apartment, but the best environment is a small courtyard or any other open place where he can walk freely.

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