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Fun Things For Dog

Fun Things For Dog

Fun Things For Dog

We all love when our dog is happy. When he or she swings with a tale and stare in as with that cute eye. Those friendly eyes full of joy and happiness. Well, not all the time dogs are like that. Sometimes they just lay down, they are grumpy, or even they mad on as. Luckily there is many fun game that we can play with our dog and many more fun toys for dogs that will keep them happy and also and much important healthy.

First, let start with my dog favorite toys.

Bumble Ball

Yes, it is a bit annoying with music on but hey my dog loves it when it is on silent too. Loves to throw it and chase around in the house. When I watch television or I just not in a mood to play I just throw it to him and that thing keeps him busy sometimes an hour and more.

Bumble Ball


Retrieves Ball For Treat

This treat toy stimulates your dog’s retrieval instincts and inspires natural fun and exercise. When your dog retrieves the ball and drops it in the fetch he’s instantly rewarded with a treat. This toy is sure to add some flavor to playtime, keeping your pet happy, healthy and entertained. Ideal for use with dog’s favorite kibble or hard bite-sized treats. Not for use with sticky or soft treats.

Retrieves Ball for treat



Place some treats or dry food bits in the slots. Allow your dog to move the blocks using its paw or nose and in doing so move the treats towards the edge, where they can fall out through one of the holes on the side. The blocks cannot be lifted up.


DogTurbo can be adjusted to make it slightly easier or more difficult depending on where the blocks and the treats are placed. To make it more difficult, place the blocks in rows in the circle in the middle with the treats in the slots. The dog will then have to work to get the blocks out into the slots towards the edge, in order to get the treats to fall out through the holes. Increase the degree of difficulty. A challenge for your dog is to place all the blocks on one side of DogTurbo and all the treats on the other side. The dog then has to work the blocks into the circle and out towards the edge on the other side to get the treats out.

A real challenge for your dog is to place the blocks at the end of the slots next to the holes on the sides and place the treats facing the middle. This means that the dog has to work the treats towards the middle and then out into a free slot on the other side in order to get the treats.

Very interesting toy from Nina Ottoson, and since it is from wood it should be durable.

Outside, outside, outside

dog outside

That is some of the interesting toys that would keep your dog busy indoor, but remember there is nothing better and healthier for your dog than playing outside. For most dogs, outdoors is where they prefer to be, especially after being cooped up all day in a quiet house with nothing to stimulate their senses. And do not think letting them outside to go to the bathroom while you prod them to hurry up is enough to fill their needs.

Give your pets as much outdoor time as possible. Walks or playing with them outside are best because of the exercise they get, and should be a part of every day. But even if you do not have time right then for a walk or play, let them stay outside for awhile for the sensory stimulation.

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