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The German Spitz Dog (also referred to as Deutscher Spitz) is the oldest dog breed in Central Europe, originally from Germany. Moreover, this breed was first mentioned in German literature in 1450. Generally, the term ‘German Spitz’ refers to both a category of dog and separate breed. Strictly speaking, ‘German Spitz’ is considered a subtype of the Spitz family. The American Kennel Club does not have its own standard for German Spitzes. It links to the FCI instead.

Height: 9-11 inches  Weight: 11-22 pounds  Lifespan: 14-16 years


German Spitze Dogs are sturdy animals, with a wedge-shaped, somewhat rounded head. He has a foxy appearance, with a straight muzzle and pointed ears. The German Spitz Dog is considered to be a healthy and durable dog breed. He comes in five sizes: The Wolf Spitz: 45-55 cm; the Giant Spitz: 42-48 cm; the Mittel: 30-38 cm; the Klein: 23-29 cm; Pomeranian: 18-22 cm. The color is usually a white, black, brown, orange or gray wolf.


Despite its size, the German Spitz Dog is an extremely alert dog. He is full of energy, bold and bright. However, this breed does not possess a strong hunting instinct. German Spitze Dogs are balanced dogs, which are very affectionate towards familiar people. On the other hand, these dogs are very wary of strangers, using loud barking as a warning. The German Spitz Dog is typical trait is over-possessiveness. Hence, he is not suitable for families that already have pets. This small, lively Spitz can be quite obedient and therefore easy to educate.

Coat / Care:

The German Spitz Dog has a medium long coat, which is rough, very abundant and puffy, with distinctive ruff and heavy hangings. The outer layer is long and straight, while the undercoat is soft and wooly. The tail is somewhat feathered and curled over the back. These dogs come in many different colors, such as black, white, cream, brown, orange, sable and gold. All markings are acceptable. This breed is very clean and has a tendency to groom itself. The coat is resistant to adverse weather conditions and does not form tangles. Therefore, regular brushing is enough, using a soft brush. On the other hand, representatives of this breed need more thorough care during the shedding season. Males blow their coat once a year, while females shed twice a year. Compared to other dog breeds, German Spitz Dogs are rather healthy. Still, they may suffer from eye disease and epilepsy. Also, slipping patella is not uncommon.


The German Spitz Dog is an intelligent family dog, which gets very attached to every single member of the family. His dealing with children and other dogs is considered rather exemplary. Despite the fact that German Spitz Dogs learn with ease, obedience training and socialization should be carried out at very young age. Ultimately, the most important foundation for this breed’s proper progress is through care and education.


This is the ideal family dog and should not be kept in the kennel. Life in a city apartment is quite feasible, provided that it gets regular outdoor exercise. Hence, the German Spitz Dog needs day-to-day exercise. This breed of dog particularly enjoys jogging and quiet walks with the owner.

Photo credit: Seongbin Im/Flickr

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