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Norwegian Buhund

Norwegian Buhund



The Norwegian Buhund belongs to a large class of dogs called the Spitz type. This is a working dog, developed in Norway for the purpose of grazing livestock and protecting the farm. Outside their native land, Norwegian Buhunds are successfully used as bloodhounds, in police work, and, of course, as a family companion. These dogs excel at agility and obedience trials. In 2009, the Norwegian Buhund was officially recognized by the AKC.

Height: 16-18 inches  Weight: 26-40 pounds  Lifespan: 12-15 years


The Norwegian Buhund is a compact dog breed of medium size. This dog has a graceful body, he is agile and energetic. Norwegian Buhunds are very hardy animals, possessing great strength and a keen intuition. Comparable Breeds: Norwegian Elkhound, Norwegian Lundehund.


The Norwegian Buhund is an affectionate and friendly dog, deeply devoted to his family. He cannot stand being alone for long, so make sure not to neglect him. If left neglected, the dog will bark endlessly, and he may even become frustrated and aggressive. The Norwegian Buhund communicates peacefully with children and other dog breeds, provided that they grew up together in the same house. This dog cannot tolerate cats or smaller pets. Moreover, he treats them as prey. Dogs of this breed will do anything to protect their family and territory, which makes them excellent watchdogs.

Coat /Care:

The Norwegian Buhund is dressed in a furry coat, consisting of two layers. While the outer layer is smooth, hard, short and thick, the undercoat is dense, soft and fluffy. The neck, chest and back of the legs are decorated with long strands. Norwegian Buhunds shed seasonally and quite actively. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly clean the dog with a bristle brush, paying special attention during the shedding season. This breed can be subjected to bathing only in case of urgent need.

Health Problems:

The Norwegian Buhund is characterized by good health, there are only isolated cases of eye diseases and hip dysplasia. The Norwegian Buhund has a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.

Weight / Height

The male Norwegian Buhund dog breed’s height is around 17-18.5 inches and weighs around 31 and 40 pounds. Female Norwegian Buhund dogs can reach a size from 16-17.5 inches and weighs between 26 and 35 pounds.


It is believed that the Norwegian Buhund is the easiest breed to train. Nevertheless, this dog breed needs general obedience training and socialization. Due to their high level of intelligence, Norwegian Buhunds are excellent students, always striving to please their master and to earn a reward. Education should be based on firmness, fairness and consistency.


Norwegian Buhunds are not suitable for apartment living. These mobile dogs need intense physical activity and mental stimulation. Hence, this breed thrives best in a big, fenced yard or in a rural farm, where it can run freely and explore. The Norwegian Buhund is a wonderful companion for all kinds of family activities. Dogs of this breed stand out in agility and obedience competitions. Also, they are used for police and military work.

Photo credit: Jon-Eric Melsæter/Flickr

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