Portuguese Podengo

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Portuguese Podengo

Portuguese Podengo



The Portuguese Podengo comes in three sizes: small (Pequeno), medium (Medio) and large (Grande). Podengos are sight and scent hounds, bred in Portugal for the purpose of deer, rabbits and wild boar hunting. The Portuguese Podengo is not suitable to be a pet.


The Portuguese Podengo is a mobile, active and enthusiastic dog breed. This dog retained the ability to easily adapt to adverse environmental conditions while maintaining their hunting skills. Besides, Portuguese Podengos are very hardy dogs that can tolerate both extremely hot and cold temperatures. Comparable Breeds: The Basenji and Andalusian Podenco. Pequeno : Height: 8-12 inches  Weight: 9-13 pounds. Medio: Height: 15-22 inches  Weight: 35-44 pounds. Grande: Height: 22-27 inches  Weight: 44-66 pounds. Lifespan: 12-15 years.


The Portuguese Podengo is good-natured and loyal to his master. He gets along well with teenagers, and he is very friendly to strangers. However, if feel threatened, Podengos will bark loudly to warn the family about possible danger. Since this breed is primitive, it is not recommended for dog breeders with no previous experience.

Coat / Care:

The Portuguese Podengo comes in two types of coat: soft and hard. Soft-coated varieties are covered with hair of average length that is rough in texture, while hard-coated Podengos are adorned with long and shaggy hair, rough to the touch. This breed sheds moderately. Hence, periodic brushing in order to remove excess hair will be enough. Bathing is not allowed. Clean your pet using a dry shampoo instead. Also, oral hygiene is highly important for the Portuguese Podengo. Due to limited human intervention in this breed’s development, Podengos have excellent health and are usually not prone to hereditary diseases.


The Portuguese Podengo needs socialization and obedience training at puppyhood. This breed learns quickly, but it will not react to oppressive training methods. Since young Portuguese Podengos have fragile bones, make sure not to carry out agility exercises in first 6 months.


Portuguese Podengos cannot live in the apartment. As a matter of fact, they need a large, fenced yard for daily exercising. The fence enclosing the yard should be minimally 180 cm (6 feet) high, and it should be embedded in the ground. Also, the Portuguese Podengo enjoys daily walks with his owner. He is quite successful in hunting and various dog sports.

Photo Credit: Cesar Aparato/Flickr

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