Pyrenean Shepherd

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Pyrenean Shepherd

Pyrenean Shepherd



The Pyrenean Shepherd was bred in France for the purpose of grazing livestock, primarily sheep. After the First World War, this breed was declared a national treasure. During the war, Pyrenean Shepherds were used as watchdogs, couriers, search and rescue dogs, and they also served as mascots of guerrilla groups and army units. The Pyrenean Shepherd is very difficult to find outside France.

Height: 15-21 inches  Weight: 25-30 pounds  Lifespan: 10-15 years


The Pyrenean Shepherd is energetic, alert, obedient and easy to train. Similar breeds are: The Briard and the Shetland Sheepdog.


Pyrenean Shepherds are not suitable inexperienced dog breeders and families with young children. This dog breed is truly loyal. Usually, the Pyrenean Shepherd chooses one family member to be his master. This breed is wary of suspicious strangers, which makes it an excellent guard. Pyrenean dogs get along well with other dog breeds within the family.

Coat / Care:

The Pyrenean Shepherd coat has a waterproof hair, consisting of two varieties, rough-faced and smooth-faced. Rough-faced coat reaches mid-length and can be slightly wavy. The undercoat is minimal. Smooth-faced Shepherds have no undercoat. The hair on the dog’s body is softer and thinner than the facial hair. To prevent tangling, these dogs need weekly brushing. The Pyrenean Sheepdog’s claws, teeth and ears should be given special attention. This breed is prone to hip dysplasia, retinal diseases, epilepsy, and dislocation of the knee.


The Pyrenean Shepherd is very delicate and has an independent mind, but he strives to please his master. This breed requires socialization and obedience training at very young age. Too rude or oppressive training methods are completely useless. Hence, the coach must be fair, respectful and patient.


The Pyrenean Shepherd requires great physical exertion and considerable mental stimulation. Hence, he needs a job to do. This dog breed is not suitable for living in an apartment or townhouse. Pyrenean Shepherds thrive best in rural areas, where they have enough space for walks and games. Representatives of this breed are capable of accomplishing outstanding achievements in various dog sports.

Photo Credit: ccho/Flickr

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