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Specific Puppy Names

Specific Puppy Names

Specific Puppy Names


All puppies are special and deserve specific puppy names. It can be difficult to think of one that is a one of a kind. Here are a few suggestions for developing a beautiful name.

Classical Names

Here are some suggestions:

  • Nyx, the Greek goddess of the night; good for a black female dog
  • Pontos, the original Greek god of the sea, for a male Retriever
  • Themis, the Greek goddess of law and order for a German Shepherd
  • Hypnos, the Greek god of sleep for a particularly sleepy puppy
  • Sif, the Norse god associated with golden hair, for a Golden Retriever
  • Hnoss, the Norse god related to beauty and treasure, appropriate for any puppy
  • Hlin, the Norse goddess of protection, for a guard dog

Twin Names

If you adopt two puppies at the same time, you can name them as a pair. Try these or create your own:

  • Levi and Strauss for any German breed
  • Bogie and Bacall for the perfect male/female match
  • Burt and Ernie for a comical set
  • Lucy and Ricky for a tempestuous pair
  • Cyclone and Tornado for any energetic breed
  • Mickey and Minnie for a male a female pair
  • Orville and Wilbur for a couple of energetic Jack Russels

Multiple Names

If you combine two human names into one, it will be even more unique. You can use two first names or first and last names. Some suggestions:

  • Doris Sue
  • Rupert Lee
  • Mary Elizabeth
  • Bob Smith

That new addition to your household is a special little creature. With a little creativity and imagination, you can reflect this individuality with a unique name. Take care of your puppy, and you will have a great canine companion.

Animal Names 

Here are some suggestions for animal names.

You can also name your dog a name commonly associated with another species:

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