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Toys and accessories for dogs

Toys and accessories for dogs

Toys and accessories for dogs

dog toysOur pets upon arriving home often play with objects and furniture, biting and scratching. Normally when they are still puppies and particularly the first few times we played with them our personal belongings seem nice and even funny.But over time, it can become a very nasty problem since our pets can cause terrible damage, even irreparable valuable items such as clothing, electronics, jewelry etc. It is, therefore, important to take appropriate that our dog enjoys the game required without incurring further problem.

dog toys2The first thing to consider is that when our puppy’s natural instinct is so well developed game. This instinct can not be removed and comes in different intensity depending on the breed, so a selection of our limitations related to race is always convenient.In addition, to the 2 to 6 months this play instinct displayed especially intense. The essential thing is to establish mechanisms that allow us to control and reduce this instinct and focus it on objects that are not of special value.

To achieve this effect are specially designed toys for pets, which have been the highly developed test to suit NEC SIU Ades our dog.

Among the accessories for dogs that can be used to channel the urge to play our small stand toys Kong. These toys are specially designed to pass fully meet the needs of your dog czar- capture and chew their prey. In fact Kong pet toys are backed by many experts in dog and veterinary ethology that considered ideal to placate the play instinct and training for our dog ego. Remember, though, that are Kong toys stuffed with food so it is convenient to the quality of the food is excellent. In this regard I recommend the use of holistic nutrition.

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