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The Berger Blanc Suisse (also referred to as the White Swiss Shepherd Dog) shares the ancestry with the German Shepherd. This breed first appeared in Switzerland in the early 1970s, afterward, he spread all over Europe (Denmark, Germany), where it is very well known and popular even today. White Swiss Shepherd Dogs were traditionally used by farmers for the purpose of herding sheep and cattle.

Height: 22-26 inches  Weight: 55-88 lbs.  Lifespan: 12-13 years


The Berger Blanc Suisse is a medium-sized dog, with slightly elongated and very muscular body. His bones are dry and overall structure is well fixed. The spine ranges from 58 to 66 cm in males, and from 53 to 61 cm in females. This breed’s head must be adapted and wedge-shaped, the jaw is well set with 42 teeth, while erect ears are medium in size. The back is moderately long, firm, strong and well-muscled. Both pre and hindquarters must be muscular and sufficiently bent to allow an expansive movement. The outer layer should be harsh, dense and straight. The wavy top coat is allowed though. The undercoat is short and thin. Comparable Breed: The White Shepherd and German Shepherd.


The Berger Blanc Suisse’s character is balanced and amiable. This breed is good-natured, friendly, very affectionate, and therefore enjoys spending time its family. As mentioned above, White Swiss Shepherd Dogs were earlier mainly used for herding cattle and sheep, due to the fact that they have developed a special protective instinct. Nowadays, these dogs are very popular family pets. This breed’s expressed self-confidence, combined with its nerves of steel, is what makes it a great watchdog. The Berger Blanc Suisse is neither timid nor aggressive. Furthermore, representatives of this breed are always to learn and are characterized by a keen perception. The Berger Blanc Suisse excels at various dog agility trials, especially at herding trials. In addition, he does very well at tracking, obedience, flyball and frisbee.

Health Problems:

The hip dysplasia (HD) and elbow dysplasia (ED) are also at the Berger Blanc Suisse occasionally, but less frequently than in German Shepherd dogs. In breeding, great importance is placed on appropriate investigations. Deafness, heart disease, allergies with skin symptoms come in the race a little more common. When esophageal dilatation is a pathological enlargement of the esophagus, which sometimes occurs when Berger Blanc Suisse. The Degenerative myelopathy (DM) is a genetic disease in which there is a slow destruction of the spinal cord.

Coat / Care:

The body is muscular and well proportioned, triangular ears stick out, and the bushy tail is adorned with hair of medium length. The coat may vary from short to medium, while the neck is adorned with slightly longer and heavier hair (especially in males). The undercoat is quite dense. Also, the white coat may come in different variations, including snow white, champagne color, with or without an individual beige badge. The dog’s nose, eye rims and nails are darker in pigmentation. The almond-shaped eyes of Berger Blanc Suisse are also very dark, which makes a good contrast to the white coat. The Berger Blanc Suisse is relatively easy to maintain despite the abundant undercoat. Hence, this radiant shepherd comes out with the usual maintenance of large breeds. Care should be intensified during the shedding season though. Ultimately, if brushed regularly, the hair remains in good condition. The dog’s eyes, ears and teeth need extra attention, since they are prone to inflammation.


White Swiss Shepherd Dogs are very sensitive and it takes a time to build a deep, intimate relationship with the coach. So, education must be carried out very carefully. Shouting or any kind of violence are absolutely unsuitable means of teaching. On the contrary, a gentle hand and patience are the most effective approach. Basic obedience training is a must for the Berger Blanc Suisse. If properly trained, the White Swiss Shepherd Dogs will grow into an extremely powerful breed of dog.


These are very versatile animals. Even though this breed is more popular as a companion dog, it is often used as a working dog. Also, White Swiss Shepherd Dogs are often used as guard, guide dogs and sometimes as rescue dogs in avalanche areas. Depending on the tendency of the dog and the handler, the animals are also suitable for various dog sports. The Berger Blanc Suisse’s most expressive trait is his eagerness to learn makes, which makes him an excellent student.

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