5 Reasons for Adopting an Older Dog

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Reasons for Adopting an Older Dog

5 Reasons for Adopting an Older Dog

It’s a sad fact that when it comes to adoption, older dogs in shelters and rescues have a harder time finding a new forever home. But we can think of a ton of reasons for adopting an older dog. We’re restricted to just the Top 5, but we think you’ll be convinced that adopting an older dog can bring new joy and love into your home.

Reason 1

The first, and probably most important reason to consider  bringing an older dog into your life? You’ll be providing a  home for a dog with life experience that—by virtue of his  seniority—deserves a loving, caring home. These dogs are  ready to give love by the bucket-full and to be your instant  companion.

Reason 2

Older dogs are fully-grown and mature: so you know exactly what type of dog you’re getting in terms of size and temperament, rather than guessing with a puppy.

Reasons for Adopting an Older Dog

Reason 3

Since the majority of older dogs are housetrained, obedience – trained and probably know several tricks, demands on your time  are significantly less than puppies or younger dogs; which leaves  more time for yourself.

Reason 4

Older dogs are used to normal everyday schedules, increasing your chances of getting a good night’s sleep, because they sleep when you do. Bathroom breaks, feedings and playtime are  reserved for daytime.

Reason 5

Older dogs are almost always housebroken and don’t require the commitment of time and dedication needed to teach a puppy  the rules of bathroom etiquette, not to mention time spent cleaning up little “surprises!”

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