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Cesky Terrier

Cesky Terrier


The Cesky Terrier breed of dog was bred by Czechoslovakian dog breeder named Frantisek Horak, through a permanent crossing Scottish Terrier and Sealyham Terrier. The Cesky Terrier (also referred to as Bohemian Terrier) is very popular in his home country and Germany, Netherlands and the other Scandinavian countries. But, on the other hand, this breed is quite uncommon in North America. This breed was officially recognized by the American Kannel Club in 2011.

Height: 10-13 inches  Weight: 14-24 pounds  Lifespan: 12-15 years


Strong and rather stocky, the Cesky Terrier is longer than tall. He has drop ears and a natural tail. Cesky Terriers are robust and show great resistance and power. They are extremely agile, diligent and furthermore, are energetic and tireless hunters. At the same time, this is a very elegant dog breed. The Cesky Terrier has an incredible enthusiasm. Comparable Breed: The Sealyham Terrier and Scottish Terrier.


Since the selection of the breed took place in such a way to minimize aggression, this quality is represented in the Cesky Terriers to a much lesser extent than the other members of the terrier group. Dogs of this breed – loyal and faithful companions. They quickly found a common language with people of any age, and with other dogs. Cesky Terrier is very homesick if left alone for a long period of time and in this case, may begin to spoil the surrounding objects. At the same time, they have excellent manners by nature, and they are striving to earn praise from his master. It is affectionate, pleasant in all respects and calm breed. Well developed and have a protective instinct that makes them excellent guard dogs. From the Cesky Terrier get a wonderful pet.

Coat / Care:

The Cesky Terrier is covered with a single-layered coat, which is soft, silky and slightly wavy. In the process of training a Cesky Terrier for a dog show, the coat should be trimmed along the back and on the upper torso, leaving thick, shaggy eyebrows, beard and long ‘skirt’ covering the legs. Cesky Terriers are small hypoallergenic dogs. Since this breed is a moderate shedder, it requires professional trimming on a regular basis. In addition, make sure to clean and thoroughly comb your dog at least twice a week. Also, it is important to regularly remove the hair on the paw pads and ears.

Health Problems: 

The Cesky Terrier is generally healthy dog breed, but like all breeds, they can be prone to Patellar Luxation, Cardiac and Eye Diseases. The Cesky Terrier has a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.

Weight / Height:

The male Cesky Terrier dog breed’s height is around 11 – 13 inches and weighs around 15 and 24 pounds. Female dogs can reach a size from 10 – 13 inches and weighs between 14 and 24 pounds.


The Cesky Terrier demonstrates a keen mind and a great desire to obey. However, these dogs can be quite stubborn. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out early socialization and general training of obedience in order to prevent possible problems. Education should be based on fairness, firmness and consistency.


If you spend enough time with the Cesky Terrier, this dog is perfect for keeping in a city apartment. Cesky Terriers enjoy long walks on a leash and they are very fond of playing games in the securely fenced yard. Also, they are good companions for jogging and hiking.

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