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Dogs that help people with disabilities

Dogs that help people with disabilities

Dogs that help people with disabilities

Disability is the consequence of an impairment that may be physical, cognitive, mental, sensory, emotional, developmental, or some combination of these. A disability may be present from birth or occur during a person’s lifetime. There are many people with disabilities and as we know they need a help of other in their everyday life.

Most peoples with physical and other disabilities use the dog as help. Also, the dog is a good company to them. as it says ‘dog is a man’s best friend’. There are many success stories of dog help disabled people as we will show at the end of the text, but first meet some of the dog’s spices that are the most common choice for that duty.

They are called service dog and there are examples of many breeds that have been successfully trained as service dogs. Although the needs of the person may determine the ideal size of the dog, the work they do generally requires a dog to be a reasonable size. Small dogs will struggle to pick up and present objects in a suitable way, large dogs are hard to put on a table in a restaurant or out of the way on a bus or plane. A good service dog is not protective, are people orientated, not overly active, confident but not dominant or submissive. Service dogs should not require complex grooming as this could be a problem for their owner. Service Dogs can enhance a person’s independence by helping with tasks such as pulling a wheelchair, opening doors, turning light switches on/off or picking up objects as small as a dime. If a client falls, the dog can even act as a brace to help them up. Most common spices used as services dog are Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, and Golden Retrievers.

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers are among the most popular dog breeds out there today. Loyal, easy to get along with, and easy to train, these retrievers could be considered a neighborhood classic all around the United States and even in other parts of the world. But what exactly makes them such popular, well-respected dogs… and does a strong breed always mean that a Labrador Retriever will be the right dog for you? Friendly, accepting and not territorial, Labrador Retrievers are ideal house pets. Despite their relatively large size, Labrador Retrievers are not a particularly hostile or aggressive breed and bond quite easily with children and adults alike. Because they are called “Retrievers,” Labradors make a perfect dog for tossing a Frisbee or a ball outside and respond well to play. Labradors are also excellent swimmers and love to get outdoors during the summer.

Retriever Labrador

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Golden Retrievers

When it comes to the perfect family dog, it’s hard to go wrong with a Golden Retriever. First bred for hunting, the Golden Retriever has made a natural progression into a wonderful family pet.  Obedient, good-natured, intelligent, eager to please and eager to learn, the Golden Retriever is also known for its friskiness – you’ll find that it never loses its joy for playing. Wonderful around children of all ages, this breed is the ideal companion for most dog lovers. If you’re looking for a watchdog, you’d best go with another breed – since the Golden Retriever is so friendly, it will want to play with strangers, making it a poor choice for guard duty. Because this breed is so smart, Golden Retrievers make excellent guide and service dogs. And although the breed differs slightly from Britain to North America, there’s no change in its friendly and loving disposition. Read on to learn more about the Golden Retriever.


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German Shepherds

Although German Shepherds are young enough that Horand von Grafrath – the first of its kind – actually posed for a photograph, they still have a strong pedigree. You may find that the young age of the breed lends itself to better record-keeping. Note that the pedigree of the German Shepherd can sometimes be measured in German words such as “gut,” which means good, or “sehr gut,” meaning very good. One of the reasons Shepherds are so popular with pet owners is that they can be highly obedient. This isn’t to say that there aren’t German Shepherds without behavioral issues, but they can indeed make a great pet if you know how to treat them. German Shepherds are considered one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs. Some people find that German Shepherds will adapt to a new behavior after only a few repetitions. You’ll find that a German Shepherd’s obedience and protective nature will make it an ideal guard dog.


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Melissa & Service Dog Clipper

Melissa & Service Dog Clipper

“Dreams do come true.  Life is complete with Clipper.  He’s given me the happiness I’ve never known.  And he has really made my dreams come true. –Melissa”



Joseph & Social Dog Rave

Joseph & Social Dog Rave

“Rave gave me my independence. — Joseph”



Ryan & Service dog Noonan

Ryan & Service dog Noonan

 “Noonan has just changed my life.”

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