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Shiloh Shepherd Dog

Shiloh Shepherd Dog



This breed was developed by Tina M. Barber in New York, United States. Hence, the Shiloh Shepherd Dog is a crossbreed that is not recognized by any major kennel club. The Shiloh differs from the German Shepherd, both physically and mentally. Hence, they have a milder temper and are larger in size. Shiloh Shepherd Dogs are great family companions.

Height: 28-30 inches  Weight: 100-130 pounds  Lifespan: 12-14 years


The Shiloh Shepherd Dog is a fearless dog, prone to domination. Hence, he needs a strict professional training. This breed is eager to learn, and it quickly learns all the tricks. Shiloh Shepherd Dogs are energetic and friendly. In addition, the character of this dog is very similar to the character of the German Shepherd, only more flexible. The Shiloh Shepherd Dog should be neither too aggressive, nor too timid.


The Shiloh Shepherd Dog will fiercely guard his family and his territory. Despite the fact that this dog breed is a wonderful companion, it is not recommended for novice nor passive dog breeders. With proper upbringing, Shiloh Shepherd Dogs get along well with children within the family, Still, they are not to be trusted with babies and toddlers. Also, these dogs can communicate normally with cats and other pets, provided that they grew up together.

Coat/ Care:

The Shiloh Shepherd Dog’s coat comes in two varieties: smooth and plush. Smooth-haired variety consists of two layers: a hard top and a soft undercoat. Plush Shiloh Dogs are adorned with a thick undercoat and a mane. Make sure to bathe your dog occasionally, as water may wash away the protective qualities of the coat. Moreover, the dog is more susceptible to skin issues. Special care is also not necessary, but the Shiloh needs constant brushing in order to prevent the hair from forming tangles and mats. Shiloh Shepherd Dogs are prone to canine hip dysplasia and tumors.


Despite the fact that he is a smart and easily trained breed, the Shiloh Shepherd Dog requires a dominant coach who will be able to impose the rules. Training must be very firm, though never rude or aggressive. This breed requires socialization and obedience training at very young age. Hence, if properly trained, Shiloh Shepherd Dogs are very successful in various canine sports.


The Shiloh Shepherd is a large dog, which needs plenty of exercise in order to stay healthy. This requires a spacious courtyard, where he could go for long walks and jogging. To save power and strength, Shiloh Shepherd Dogs should train not more than two hours per day.

Photo Credit: andrew leahey/Flickr

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